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Register and play at KOP

No early reservations required. No sign ins required. We make it simple.

Max Sports, 250 King Manor Drive, KOP

$30 registration
$30 monthly

Walk-in to register. First come, first serve. Membership limited to 50 members

Tuesday 9:45 pm-12
Thursday 9:45 pm-12
Fri 8 pm-12

No early or daily reservations required for members. We make it simple

Don’t want to enroll for a monthly membership? Use drop in. $10 dropin

10 for 10 adult lessons

Pay $10 and get 10 minutes personalized 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 coaching from USAB certified coaches. 9 pm Fridays. ONLY KOP.


Members only doubles League play on one exclusive court at KOP from 10 pm at KOP

No extra fee. League results announced weekly. Form teams and challenge the best. Top seeds at A and B level get selected for Philly Badminton team.

$20 monthly membership special for Philadelphia Badminton junior trainees.

One reserved juniors only court
8 pm Fridays at KOP
4 pm Saturdays at Bryn Mawr
Bryn Mawr address 300 Airdale Rd, Bryn Mawr.

To enroll, email or talk to our coaches on site

Enroll, get evaluated, and train.

Saturday mornings 9 am onwards at Phoenixville Recreation Center (501 Franklin Ave)

Saturday evenings 4 pm onwards at Bryn Mawr College Social Work Gym (300 Airdale Rd)

Friday nights 8 pm onwards at KOP Max Sports (250 King Manor Drive)

Training in Philadelphia Badminton

Professional, Safe, Multifaceted

All our coaches are USAB-certified to provide high standards and competitiveness. This qualifies our coaches for coaching passes from the USA Badminton that is a required to for accompanying young athletes for tournaments as their official coaches. They are also background checked and cleared, allowing them to work with minors.

At Philadelphia Badminton, we take what we do very seriously. Especially, the fact that while providing training to younger kids, understanding their psychology and development and applying the right methods are paramount to provide a respectful, safe, and inclusive environment where their competitive abilities can be properly nurtured. Therefore, all our coaches are Safe Sport Certified that ensures a safer sport culture, fostering respect, and ending abuse.

Setting goals, time management, leading a healthy lifestyle, and winning is part of our program that focusses on discipline and personality development.

Our Locations

Our Coaches


What They Say

“I arrived from France in July 2023. I have been playing badminton for the last 5 years and was very happy to enroll in the training program of Philadelphia Badminton. I enjoy playing here and the coaches very much! I am making quick progress and learning a lot of new techniques.”

Matthew Pain

Matthew Pain

“Great coaches with different teaching styles and perspectives! All very helpful as a beginner.”

Cole Marshall

Cole Marshall

“The program’s training has ignited passion in me, elevating my determination and motivation to excel in both sports and life. It’s pushed me beyond my comfort zone, driving me to work harder and compelling me to strive for greater accomplishments.”

Vaibbhawi Vidiyala

Vaibbhawi Vidiyala

“Thank you, Philadelphia Badminton! My badminton training has helped me develop a strong forehand and improve my overall fitness level. Training has taught me strategies for accuracy, enabling me to outmaneuver my opponents and play with more finesse.”

Priya Chandrasekar

Priya Chandrasekar

“I’ve grown to really love playing badminton because of the phenomenal training I get from the coaches! I’ve improved a lot in just a few months.”

Saktisri Gowrishankar

Saktisri Gowrishankar

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